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A Passion Can Become a Fulfilling Career

July 17, 2014 - By RoniChambers

Are you doing what you love? What are you passionate about? Do you know?

 Most often when I ask people what they love to do, they tell me, “closing the deal,” or “helping someone,” or “working in an Excel spreadsheet.”

And when I ask, “What are you passionate about,” “What do you love so much that you would do it for free,” their answers are different. Their answers are, “cleaning the rivers,” or “cutting a CD with my band,” or “starting an urban vegetable garden.”

Passion is a result, it is the feeling you get when you are engaged in doing something you love. So why are the answers different? I believe the answers are different because we have lost sight of the fact that we can do what we love, and make a living. We can feel passion for our work, and make a living.

First you have to be able to identify what you love, what makes you happy. And the question shouldn’t be all that difficult to answer. Ask yourself this question, and list your answers. Are there themes? What are the themes?

 Ideally, applying your strengths and your skills to what you love to do produces, your sweet spot. How does this play out for you?

 So, here’s my answer, as an example. I love helping others. More importantly, I love facilitating a person’s discovery of their potential, discovering that their dreams are possible with an executable strategy.

 This, coupled with my strength for seeing the possibilities in all things, for staying current in the employment landscape, and for being a connector provides for the successful combination of strengths, skills and what I love to do. When this happens, it makes my heart leap with excitement. That’s passion at work!

 I have had the opportunity to watch this happen with many people throughout my life, and it has been very rewarding. Here are a few examples. A biking lover, explores how to couple her love for biking and the great outdoors with making a living, and lands a position with Great Rivers Greenway.

 My son graduated from a university with a financial degree, and decided that he would not be a good fit for the corporate scene, and entered the St. Louis Fire Academy. Today he saves lives, sits on financial committees within his community and tutors accounting students.

I feel inspired to write about this subject this weekend, after the recent funeral of my young nephew who followed his dreams to be a professional golfer. Ben’s passion was the game of golf. His career in golf began in high school.

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