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Career Transition – Find Fulfilling Work

You’re stuck in a dead-end job. You know there must be another job or career path that’s better aligned with your experience and interests. But how do you get from here to there? How do you identify companies or organizations relevant to your interests? It can feel overwhelming, but Career Innovations Partners can help.


Career Coaching – Current employer or new job

Sometimes we need some outside perspective to help us navigate our next move. Think you’re ready to move to the next level with your current employer or make a lateral move? Beginning to contemplate a job change? Career Innovation Partners can offer sound advice to suit your needs.


Seminars & Workshops

Attend one or several workshops or seminars that will guide you along your career journey. Learn how patterns throughout your life can lead you to more fulfilling work; embrace social media to engage with others and highlight your skills; master tough interview questions and more.


Speaking Opportunities with Roni

Roni has guided individuals toward more fulfilling careers for more than 2 decades and is sought-after in the Human Resources field. Roni’s experience led to an invitation to participate in a Congressional Briefing addressing the nation’s unemployment crisis.  Now, she speaks to corporations, universities and others about the ever-changing employment landscape.

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Confidence, mentors, flexibility, feedback. All of these can help you succeed.

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Brand New You!

May 20, 2015 - By RoniChambers

Who are you? Beyond your name and title – who ARE you? If you haven’t figured it out, then how are you selling yourself to potential employers, higher-ups and influencers who have the power to recommend you for plum assignments or new opportunities? Time to create your personal brand.

Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Katie Couric and Oprah have pretty clear personal brands – computer revolutionary; philanthropic adventurer; shoe-loving, global anchor; media mega-mogul. These words define not just what they do, but also who they are.

You can probably identify people within your own personal and professional sphere who are known for specific characteristics: Joe, the eager, highly-organized intern; Jane, the number-crunching genius; John, the social media guru. You get the picture.

Brand New You image

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