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Inspiring Americans
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Are you managing your career in the comfort zone?

August 19, 2014 - By RoniChambers

Are you managing your career in the comfort zone? Most of us stay where we are most comfortable. I did for years, how about you?

As a young entrepreneur, I took many risks. I designed and estimated air conditioning and heating systems for several years, then managed an upscale baby boutique. In 1985, I opened my own store, a children’s store, and in 1987, I opened my second store, both wonderfully fun and integral parts of the communities they were in. All of these early roles were full of risk, and I pushed through my comfort zone regularly. I was alive.

Then in 1989, for personal reasons, I closed these stores and joined Corporate America, and in 1991, I came to St. Louis in my first big corporate job. This was likely the biggest risk I had ever taken personally and professionally in my life, and I felt more free than at any other time in my life. When I walked up to One Busch Place in Sept. 1991, I was way outside of my comfort zone.

How about you, are you pushing beyond your comfort zone?

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